Germany is the biggest vaulting country active up to now.

Categories Edit

Germany's levels are divided in two categories. Into the LPO (Leistungsprüfungsordnung) were everything is showed in canter & the WBO (Wettbewerbsordnung) where a part of the test is in walk.

LPO categories Edit

  • A - Anfänger - Beginners
  • L - Leicht - Easy
  • M* & M** - Mittel - Middle
  • S - Schwer - Difficult
  • J - Junioren - Juniors

To move from one category to another, the teams have to reach give scores more than one time.

WBO categories Edit

These levels differ from state to state. In Thuringia for example squads either do compulsory & freestyle in walk or compulsory in canter & freestyle in walk. The organizer of the competition decides what is shown on which hand. These squads can consist out of 4 to 8 vaulters. They don't need any specific score to compete in these classes in Thuringia.

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