RSV Neuss Grimlinghausen is a vaulting club from Germany. Since 2005 they refer to themselves as "Team Neuss" which just includes the senior squad & the junior squad[1] but not the other around 20 teams of the club[2].

The RSV Neuss-Grimlinghausen started vaulting first in 1960. Since then they won 30 German, 11 European & 9 World championships[3].

They were the main german team during the 90s,when they won most of their titles. At the time the team was trained by Agnes Werhahn and one of it's most important icons was Nadia Zülow (now Nadia Ehning) who won 3 individual world titles and several european.

From 2000 to 2005, Neuss went through a new phase, the team was now coached by Jessica Schmit (now Jessica Lichtenberg ) in 2006 they won their first world title with new fresh vaulters.

World Championships of 2006Edit

From 2000 and 2005 the main team in Germany was the team from Ingelsberg, Team Neuss was going through a rebranding process. In 2006, though, they did quite a comeback, representing Germany at the World Equestrian Games in Aachen.

The team came from one of their best seasons and had the help of Mark Phillip Götting on the final months and during the competition.

It was an important moment for vaulting history. It was only the second worlds with six people teams and that allowed over 18 years old vaulters into the squads.

Members of the team:Edit

Antje Hill

Elisabeth Simmons

Sarah Schäfer

Janika Derks

Simone Wiegele

Mark Phillip Götting

Pauline Riedl

Reserve vaulters:

Ilka Kempkes

Leonie Bender

Horse: Lugano

World Championships of 2014Edit

Neuss went to the World Equestrian Games in Caen as the favorite team for a golden medal. Their theme, an interpretation to the rock band Muse, was considered as absolutely revolutionary.

In 2012 they lost the golden medal to the swiss team from Lütisburg, so the public was looking foward to the re-edition of that epic competition. And that was precisely what we saw. The Austrians had the first place on compulsories, Germany and Switzerland were almost tied after the first round freestyle. But on the second round, Neuss broke the house down with an almost perfect freestyle. The Lütisburg girls felt the pressure and didn't manage to perform so flawlessly after the German's presentation.

Members of the team:Edit

Pauline Riedl

Janika Derks

Johannes Kay

Mona Pavetic

Milena Hiamman

Julia Dammer

Reserve Vaulter:

Leonie Falkenberg

Horse: Delia

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