VaultingNews is a blog about equestrian Vaulting started in 2013 by Adele Feuerstein. It is aim is a plattform for news, discussions and support. It should reach vaulters worldwide & help smaller nations to profit from the experiences of others.


VaultingNews was first a project for university. The resonance was that big that Adele Feuerstein decided to carry on. During that first year VaultingNews was just a blog for sharing vaulting related links.

On the verge of the World Equestrian Games in 2014, the brazilian vaulter Celina Belotti started commenting on it and Adele asked her help to cover the competition. Celina jumped in for good and both of them started working on getting the blog to grow and reach more people. That was the point when they started to write own articles & interviews.

At the end of 2014, Dianne ter Meulen started contributing to the blog as well and the 3 of them kept on growing and trying to organize their ideas into this world called equestrian vaulting.