Welcome to VaultingPedia BetaEdit

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Picture by Thea Hildebrandt, chosen by vaulting news readers as the best picture of 2014.

VaultingPedia is a vaulting Wiki powered by VaultingNews with the goal of engaging the vaulting community into sharing it's own history with the world.

You have no idea what vaulting is? Well, learn more about it right here.

This is a Beta version, which means we are still working on making it perfect.

How it worksEdit

Just take a look at what's already here and contribute with what you know.

Is your team already logged in?

Your favorite vaulter?

Your country?

Go ahead and share away. This is our space, let's make it huge.

FAQ: Edit

Can I add a new page?

Yes, you can add anything you'd like! You can add information about a team, a vaulting venue, a country, an athlete, an important competition, exercises, equpment... I just ask you to please make sure that the page doesn't already exists and be ethical with the material previously added by other OfficialVaultingStalkers.

How do I edit a page?

To edit a page just search for the desired page and press "Edit". You will be taken to the editor and you can do whatever you'd like. When you are done just press "publish" and they will ask you to describe what exactly you have done, just so in the future people have a record of it.

Can I add an image?

Yes you can add an image or a galery. Just make sure you give rights to the owner of the picture.

How do I add a new page?

When you are at the wiki's homepage, just click "contribute", on the upper right corner of the page, and "add a page" at the scroll down menu that will follow. The page has to have a title and you can put it under a category, such as "vaulting in the USA" or "important competitions" or horses.

In which language is VaultingPedia?

VaultingPedia is an international information page. That is why we prefer English. You are welcome to translate some articles from English to your language but we always need the English article first. Since is a collaborative work, it would be ok if you need help translating stuff, so just mark something with "Can you please help me translate?" and other people might see it and give you a hand. One final thing: No one is Shakespeare here so don't be shy, everyone can write and we'll help one another.

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Picture of Team Neuss Grimlinghausen, from Germany, at the World Equestrian Games in 2014. Taken by Andrea Fuchshumer